Now Under Construction

After some experimenting with Hugo, blundering around learning a bit about its templating, and customizing the Hugo-Flex theme a bit, I think I have a basic shape for arranging content. Starting with five broad categories:

  • posts - bloggery and suchlike
  • notes - useful jottings about things for future reference
  • photos - pictures of people, placings, and things
  • projects - past, present, and planned acts of hardware, software, or gateware
  • quotes - insightful or amusing things people have written or said

I spent entirely too much time agonizing about if I wanted these categories (as named in the URL) to be singular or plural. Plural eventually won.

I expect to slowly migrate content from previous iterations of, twitter and other social network posts, and random collections of notes and pictures accumulated over the years, while also trying to make use of this for new longer form posts going forward.

“Automation” is a bit simple just yet, consisting of a local script:

git push origin
ssh ./deploy/doit

and a remote script

cd ~/deploy
git remote update
git rebase origin/main
cp -r public/* /www/

It’s not going to win any awards, but it gets the job done.